Thursday, October 4, 2012

Harvey's 1 Month Picture

If Pinterest had been around when Violet was a baby, I'd probably have 12 cute little monthly pictures of her chronicling her first year.  But I wasn't smart enough to figure that out on my own, so she missed out.

I considered doing it with Leela but always forgot to do it until after her monthly "birthdays" had passed and by then it seemed like cheating and like the picture would be terribly inaccurate.  Because I'd totally be able to tell twenty years from now that a picture was taken on the 21st instead of the 18th.

Today, I actually remembered Harvey's first monthday!

But I didn't take any pictures.

Because all I could think of was the girls finding a photo album a decade from now and seeing his First Year Album and asking why I took monthly photos of him but not them.  To which I'd have to reply, "Because I love him more.  Now move over, you're blocking my shot of him playing his Wednesday video games. *click*"

Instead, here's the first smile I was able to catch on camera, at 3 weeks!

"Mom, how come Harvey got a blog written about his smile and we didn't?"  Because Harvey smiled a month earlier than you two did.  And he also never let me sleep so I had to really play up that smile to keep me happy.  Now move over so I can take a picture of him eating breakfast.

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