Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pregnancy 1 vs. 3

I obsessed over my pregnancy with Violet so much that I felt her fingernails growing.  At any given second I could tell you exactly how far along I was, what symptoms were normal for my current gestational week, what organs were forming inside fetus Violet, and what super exciting milestone she was hitting (Hiccups, you say?  Wow, what a prodigy!).

Fetus-making is old news now.  It's still the most interesting thing going on with me though, so I made some boring comics to illustrate exactly how I feel about Pregnancy #1 vs. Pregnancy #3.

On gestational age:

This actually happened last week.  My mother-in-law asked how far along I was and I had no clue.  It doesn't help that my midwife never gave me a straight answer for an EDD, but I've been too lazy to sign up for those daily/weekly pregnancy update emails, so I have to make a conscious effort to find out how far along I am.  And effort is not my thing.

On baby books:

I read the shit out of some books with Violet.  This time I couldn't even tell you where or if I have one located.  I do check out The Bump occasionally to see what produce I'm gestating (currently a sweet potato or a mango?) but otherwise I haven't been concerned with whether it has arms or knows how to burp yet.

On preparing for baby:

I was apparently going through chemotherapy and lost all my hair for this comic.  I'm too lazy to change it though.  Bite me.

On birth:

I could not come to terms with the fact that Violet was to exit my body the same way she entered.  I spent the whole 10 months cringing and clenching my legs closed at the thought.  This time, if anything I'm looking forward to it.  Let's get this shit done with!


  1. That is too funny! I´m on my 3rd kid too and was the same with my first. I read all the books but I was never afraid of giving birth. I had been present for enough animal births to realize what I was getting into before getting pregnant on purpose. My last birth was rough though so I´m not looking forward to this one. I guess my expectations were altered by people saying that the second one is easier which is BS. It was quicker! But Hurt a LOT more. Almost didn´t have any more after my second. But here I am 15 weeks and hoping my body is nicer to me this time.

  2. OMG K8 I'm catching up on your blog and you're making me cry AND you almost made me pee my pants. Water at both ends!!


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