Saturday, April 14, 2012

Year-round Elf on the Shelf-type fun for twisted parents

Alternatively titled: How to Fuck With Your Husband 101

Step 1:  Purchase life-size Barbie.

Step 2:  Give it to a 3 year old to adore.

Step 3:  Almost shit your pants when, multiple times a day, you find the doll laying face down like a dead little person in random places throughout your house.

Step 4:  Realize you could make your husband also almost shit his pants!

Step 5:  After Husband goes to bed, strategically position life-size Barbie where he will least suspect her.  Also, put a big ass knife in her hand.  Barbie's out for blood.  Or at least a little pee in his pants.

Step 6:  Rinse and repeat.

(Sorry Joe, but this is going to be a running gag.)

1 comment:

  1. I was going to post an idea for you but since Joe probably reads this I'll send it to you another way...


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