Monday, April 2, 2012

Grab your guns Whitey, we got some hoodlums

This hoodlum was found prepping her "Skittles" for a break-in near the community rec center.  The bulge in her crotch region was later identified as a loaded diaper gun.

This photo was taken showing the hoodlum attempting to conceal her "Skittles".  It is suspected her other hand was reaching for her "can of Ice-T".

A hoodie pulled down from the head is typically a signal for Temporary Hoodlum Inactivity, but do not be fooled.  Note the menacing look on the hoodlum's face.

Sometimes hoodlums will swallow their "Skittles" quickly to get rid of evidence.  Note: Duck hoods are to be taken as seriously and suspiciously as sweater hoods.

Hoodlum subject is clearly on drugs.  Also note: Bunny hoods are no joke.

Here we have a gang of hoodlums.  The sunglasses and nose piercings indicate they are especially lethal.


  1. I called 911 after reading this. I felt threatened.


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