Sunday, January 8, 2012

People that make me unreasonably uncomfortable

Men with woman hips

Petite men who are noticeably shorter than me

People with very obvious disabilities or deformities (to clarify just so I don't sound like a jackass, it's not disabilities or deformities that make me feel uncomfortable, it's just I get overly self-conscious and think the other person thinks I'm staring at them and pitying them, but then I don't not want to look at all and make them think it's shameful, so then I just spend the entire interaction darting my eyes around and making stupid jokes and laughing a little too hard)

Old women with really good cleavage

The people who sit on my stoop while waiting for the bus but then stand up when they see me but then sit right back down when they think I'm not looking (I'll take the trash out in two loads sometimes just to mess with them)

Men wearing basketball shorts in public (I'm disturbed by the presence of The Schnoz)

Women who carry money in their bra

People with large neck tattooes

Ugly babies  (rare, like a $2 bill in circulation, but they're out there, probably locked away in a drawer like a $2 bill too!  Haha, oh shit I'm going to hell)

Touchy-feely strangers

Close talkers

Boys in skinny jeans

People walking toward me

People walking behind me in the same direction but faster

Men who wear short shorts

People with names I still can't pronounce after two tries

Young boys in the women's bathroom who are just under the age cut-off for when they should start going into the men's bathroom by themselves

People who feel comfortable to rant about something in my presence before they know how I feel about it

Men when they adjust themselves in public

Someone who has some stray object in their teeth or hair

And pretty much everyone else ever, because I'm an antisocial freak


  1. I agree with EVERY SINGLE ONE of these! You may be an antisocial freak, but if so, count me in. Yikes.

    1. We can be antisocial freaks together! Just don't talk to me or look at me or let me hear or see you


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