Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Roll Model: Future Flying Squirrel

When I watched that video, my first reaction was to shit my pants.  My second reaction was "I COULD DO THAT!"  And I won't even need the wing suit!

I'm officially lighter than I've been in at least 3 years and am now wearing pants that I've had packed away in my "motivation box" along with some hope.  It's kind of awesome rediscovering a new wardrobe that I don't even have to pay for - though I do look forward to these clothes being too big for the first time ever so I can go buy some hoochie mama clothes!  Not really.  Well maybe.  Seriously, no.

The only crappy part of losing weight, aside from having to show restraint around a pan full of brownies, is all this skin I've been stretching for the last 26 years.  I haven't lost enough yet that I look like Star Jones, but I plan on it.  I frequently describe my stomach as a mudflap after what the girls did to it, so I have no reason to expect the rest of my skin to magically shrink.  My only hope is that the shit will get a friction infection so I can convince my insurance to cut it off for me for free.  (Yeah, I actually just wished an infection upon myself.  Such is the life of a poor person.)

So anyway, 50-60 pounds from now, I'll be spreading my arm skin and tying my mudflap down to my shoelaces and jumping off cliffs along this guy.  If that's not motivation to stay in the game I don't know what is!

Weight Watchers helped me lose 100 pounds, and now I can FLYYYYY!

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