Monday, September 5, 2011

Things That Need to Be Invented

Self Cleaning Everything

An implantable chip that gives husbands the ability to put their socks in the proper dirty sock area

Dissolving window walls to all maxiumum air flow into the house on breezy days

Insta-grow walls to replace the dissolved walls when it starts to rain

Pre-potty trained newborns

Hovering houses (no more flooded basements!)

A suit of wheels  Already exists!!

A second right arm attachment for painting my first right hand's fingernails, because I can't do shit with my left hand

Free blowjob machines

Anti-gravity pills so I can fly

Sheet suspenders so that they stay tight on the mattress  Already exists!!

Adult onesies (because I am tired of seeing your asscrack, Joe)  Already exists!! (though not practical to own many unless you have a killer disposable income)

A child-safe, safe-for-daily-use sleeping gas chamber

This little lovely was taken sraight from the Adult Onesie website...

P.S.  I can't believe how many of these things already exist.  And for those that don't, I would appreciate that the people stealing my ideas actually steal these ones.

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