Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm shitting craft sticks. Thank you Irene!

Let me present you with a series of events.

-I buy an iPhone, discover that I can snap and upload pictures of Violet to facebook EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME, as well as do other fun internet things

-iPhone breaks years later, I realize I spent too much time on it!

-Violet's new book becomes "The Berenstain Bears Too Much TV", which I read nightly over top of the sound of the TV

-I notice the computer battery is dying earlier than usual and needing to be plugged in when it used to last all day, and assume it is because the battery is going up

-Hurricane Irene hits!  Transformers blow!

-I live approximately FOREVER with no lights, AC or fans, phone, television, stereo or phone.  Basically I camped in my own house for 2 nights.

What happens next is I discover I LOVE a life free from technology!  When my phone went up, I felt like I was dying without instant facebook access, so I started bringing the computer out into the living room for "periodic" check-ins.  I was still taking Violet out for our playground trips and library trips and playdates, but while we were at home I didn't realize how much time I was spending on this stupid lap top.  I feel horribly guilty now that I'm thinking about it.  I did think to myself that maybe I heard Violet asking me to put the computer down a few times too many, but surely I wasn't ignoring her or choosing the internet over her because that would make me a bad mom.

Honestly though, now that I'm out of it, I knew I was being a bad mom to her!  I wanted a way out but I just couldn't figure out how to put the Internet down.  THANK YOU HURRICANE IRENE for the technology detox and helping me defeat my facebook addiction.  I wonder if it's possible that I was actually addicted?  Whether I was or wasn't, I hope I never feel that constant aching draw toward it ever again.  Violet and I did so many crafts the past few days that I'm basically shitting craft sticks.  And oddly enough, I haven't had one anxiety attack since before Saturday either.  I bet the pharmaceutical companies have some deal going on with the television and computer makers to emit anxiety-inducing radiation so that people will have to buy anti-anxiety drugs!  Hmmm, something to ponder.

Something else to ponder:  why are our fingers all different lengths?

A is for my mom's an Asshole

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