Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An envelope of money

Three or four years ago, I was walking through a parking lot and found an envelope containing a substantial amount of money.  I picked it up and put it in my pocket and kept walking.  The whole way to the store I thought about how many radio purses and slap bracelets I could buy, or how I could pay off an entire year worth of bills (I was young and living at home.  It'd last maybe 2 months now.  *sigh*).  Then I walked into the store and turned it in.  

Everyone I told about it couldn't believe I didn't keep it.  Some people were downright ANGRY that I didn't keep it.  Everyone was like "WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM?".  For whatever reason, it's been a popular topic again the past few weeks, and whenever I talk to someone about it they STILL think something is wrong with me.  I guess my problem is I'm not a sucky human being.  SERIOUSLY.  It is so crazy to me that anyone could keep this money for themselves.  When I saw it, I couldn't not imagine who it belonged to.  I have a crazy soft spot for poor little old folks, so I imagined this belonged to some old lady who had just cashed out her dead husband's pension check and this was her livelihood for the whole month.  Or what if some kid had been saving up all of his birthday and Christmas money for his whole life and was about to go buy a puppy (or 10).  What if it belonged to a stripper and in losing this money she had essentially just flashed her vag thousands of times for free.  Or what if it was someone's donation to an orphanage.  Would you steal from orphans?

Honestly, it makes me sad.  Not one single person said to me "That was a really great thing you did Kate!  I would have done the same!".  People are always wondering what's wrong with the world today.  What's wrong is everyone is an asshole!!  Everyone thinks about all the stuff they want and no one ever thinks about all the stuff they already have or all the stuff someone else doesn't have.  I could have kept that money and bought something but I would have lost all that shit by now, and maybe the person who lost that money would have lost their house and would be bouncing between shelters now, so neither of us would be left with anything.  Instead, I turned it in and those people got their money back and they slipped me $40 (which given the amount of money in the envelope was a pretty cheap ass reward, but hey it was $40 I didn't have before).

I dunno.  I just remember being in school and constantly being lectured to treat people the way I want to be treated and everyone would be happy.  Does that stop applying once you're old enough to make your own money or something?  Meh.  Sorry this is a sort of depressing blog today.  Here's a strangely-related (not at all really) funny picture to leave on a good note.

It seems I have no choice but to sell you my baby for $3000.  You promise she's going to a good home right?

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  1. AMEN!! Seriously, *I* give you mad props for doing that. That is AMAZING. I'd bet 95% of the population wouldn't and that sucks.


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