Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Violet's Eve!

Tomorrow Violet turns THREE. 

I faintly remember being 3.  Twenty three years ago.

I am SO OLD.

But anyway.  My gut reaction when I saw the PREGNANT on the piss stick was laughter and disbelief.  Three+ years later, she still has that effect on me! 

The kid has a helluva sense of humor and laughs at everything!  And she may or may not have inherited her parents' delight for all things inappropriate.  If you visit my house for more than a few minutes, you will frequently hear her running around saying things "*sniff sniff* smells like penis" and singing "like a butter poopyyyy (life is but a poopy, from Row Row Your Boat)".  I swear I don't teach her these things.

Violet is also a total artsy fartsy kid.  She's got rhythm like a step squad and can keep a beat on the drums at least as well as Meg White.  Her real talent is drawing though!  She drew her first smiley face before most kids her age were even drawing circles, and now she likes to draw family portraits and beach scenes.  Brag time!
She went through a phase of leaving Leela out.  And ripping her drawings.

Daddy is big and hairy.  How accurate!

People on a beach, and that looks like mountains in the background to me! 

A bear!  Which she drew upside down!  Yay, dyslexia!

I'm not positive what this is but I know for sure I like it.

One of many tattooes she's given herself.  This caterpillar was actually kinda cool though, I thought.

This is a tree but I turned it sideways because it looks like a penis, heh.

And of course she's the most adorable little girl to ever live!

Typical Violet face, ink and all.

Violet's current hobbies also include singing somewhat on key, hugging my leg and saying "I love you too" first, mixing up "Mommy" and "Daddy" and calling us "Dammy" and "Moddy", pushing her baby sister then hugging and kissing her immediately after to get out of time out, and saying things over and over and over and over and over and over and over, and being neurotic as shit about everything.

I saw an old friend today that I had only seen once since high school at some club or something.  I told him "I don't get to do fun stuff like that anymore" but immediately after I said that I thought "Shit, I get to go down the slide at the zoo though!  And go to bounce houses!  And 'help Violet get unstuck in the McDonald's playplace'! And visit the swings on a regular basis!"  Yep.  Making Violet certainly changed me and the way I have fun, but she's actually pretty damn awesome and I wouldn't trade her for all the nights out in time.

Happy birthday baby girl!

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