Thursday, August 30, 2012

Interesting method there, Nesting Bug

Here's a list of things that need to be done by time the baby is born:

  • Organize, wash and put away 2 years worth of baby boy clothes
  • Clean bedroom and create a space for baby to sleep
  • Set up bassinet in that tiny, but clean space
  • Wash my sheets so the baby will have clean ones to spit up on while co-sleeping
  • Remove toy piles and decorative Goldfish cracker crumb rug from car
  • Move around car seats and install infant seat
  • Vacuum/sweep and mop all floors
  • Dust ALL the things
  • Wipe ALL the surfaces
  • Clean cobwebs from ceilings
  • Vacuum behind furniture
  • Set up swing or bouncy chair

Here's a list of all the things that I have successfully completed as of today, two days shy of 41 weeks:
  • Organize, wash and put away clothes
  • Clean half of the bedroom - the half that the baby and I will be on
  • Removed enough toys from the van to eventually vacuum the cracker rug
  • Mopped my kitchen floor for the first time in a month
  • Bake and freeze double chocolate muffins
  • Bake and freeze chocolate banana cookies, half with walnuts
  • Bake and freeze peanut butter banana muffins
  • Make and freeze a dozen bacon, egg and cheese breakfast muffins
  • Never cook dinner for my family
  • Last minute trip to the zoo
  • Last minute trip to the beach
  • Last minute trip to a bunch of playgrounds
  • Wash the hospital bag and the things that will probably go into it, but not actually put it together
  • Write a bogus birth plan

Apparently on the third go-around, my body has figured out that babies really don't need a clean house for the first 4-6 months, until they start crawling, and by that time it's really no use trying to create the illusion of cleanliness with a 2 and 4 year old running around, as long as there's nothing for anyone to choke on.

Nope.  According to my body, baked goods and good QT with the girls are the most important things to bringing a baby into this world.  While that's probably true, my mind would appreciate the motivation and energy from my body to get rid of all these things that are stressing me out.

Maybe it'll kick in when I hit 42 weeks.

Violet's growing a chewy bar baby in hers.

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