Saturday, August 4, 2012

Whoa. It's coming.

It still hasn't 100% sunk in that I'll have a third baby soon, but I just had a mini freak out when I looked and saw it's only about 3 weeks until my EDD according to my midwife.  Then I felt a little better because I know I'll have a few extra weeks to prepare... but that's still only a long month!

My house is still a gigantic mess, although I'm hoping to get the bedrooms in shape over the weekend.  And I'm still clueless on his name.  I'm liking Harrison more and more, but I still want to call him Harvey so it seems dumb to not name him that.  And shit, he might just not have a middle name.  He'll have tons of clothes though!  Tons and tons!  If I ever get them washed.

I'm sitting here eating a 5 pound bag of baby carrots right now, disappointed every time I bite into one and it doesn't taste like chocolate.  But my midwife was not as impressed by my 7-pounds-in-3-weeks weight gain as I was, so I need to lay off the sweets a little.  I'm like The Juggernaut!  Except I bust through pans of brownies and pant sizes instead of walls.

It's time for September to be here.

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