Saturday, August 4, 2012

What the hell kind of people are reading my mom blog?

I just noticed blogger keeps a "Search keyword" history to see what sort of searches bring traffic here.

My shit is BIZ.ZARRE.

Here's a list of the weirdest ones:

heart shaved vagina
gun into her crotch
my size barbie sex
women long nipples
potty shot of girl with a bulge
alien baby with hair
weird mucus from vagina
fuck life size barbie doll
your diaper is showing
jelly fetus

Actually, some of them are quite disturbing.  And then others make a disturbing amount of sense.  I was worried about my dad reading my overshare, but apparently who I really need to be worried about is giant Barbie fetishists who like to stroke the heart shaped box with a gun.

The internet is a fun place.

I googled "jelly fetus" and this was one of the top pictures that cracked me up, so I will now proudly be forever connected to this other person's blog.  I wonder what sort of weird search hits they get.

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