Saturday, July 14, 2012

What the hell are you doing here? SURPRISE!

I semi-reluctantly headed to my brother's house today for a graduation party. It's hot out and I'm fat and pregnant and thought everyone would be hanging out in the back yard drinking their cold beers while I was stewing in my swollen pregnant lady suit, but I hadn't seen everybody in a while so I wanted to at least make an appearance.

I got there and no one was outside or by the pool.  I took note but didn't think it was weird for some reason.  My sister-in-law led me down the stairs into the basement where she said everyone was.  I saw some cute blue "Thank You" lollipops on top of a blue table cloth and really regretted listening to Joe when he said we didn't need to stop for a card for the graduate.

Then I saw my BFF since birth, who knows my family but isn't someone they'd usually invite to their parties...

I asked her what the hell she was doing there and then I saw all the WELCOME BABY signs the IT'S A BOY pennant and blue tableclothes and blue diaper pins and blue baby bottles. 


I had no clue they would be throwing me a shower for my THIRD baby, especially after all the hand-me-downs I've gotten. Total. Shock.

I was getting kinda bummed recently that this kid wasn't going to have any new clothes (I bought the hoodie and some consignment clothes and he has the hand-me-downs). It's not a big deal, as long as he's clothed and warm is all that's really important, but I still wanted him to have a little something special to him. Now he has a metric butt-ton of something!

I don't deserve to be so spoiled!  I'm not the most affectionate person ever (in case no one noticed, *cough*) even though I am deeply grateful for the people around me.  So to everyone, thanks for loving me and my babies anyway!

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