Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh, there's four members of the Black Eyed Peas?

I'm awake with a stomach bug (down 2 pounds in 6 hours, HIGH FIVE!) so I figured I'd waste some time with a quick story about something I heard on the radio the other day.

There was a contest going on to meet the Black Eyed Peas, and I shit you not, this is what the announcer said.  "You could win a chance to meet Fergie, will.i.am, and the other guys."  Haha!  It was hilarious because a) the radio station couldn't even take the time to investigate those guys' names because they are THAT unimportant, b) there's only TWO other guys.  It's not like it was Wu-tang and there's like 20 members to name,  and c) it takes almost as much time to say "and the other guys" as it does "apl.de.ap and Taboo" (I just googled their names.  I don't want anyone thinking I'm a fan of them or anything.)

"Hey WeirdLookingMonkeySnakeFaceGuy and GuyWhoLooksLikeHeCouldBeAJackson, stand behind Fergie and will.i.am.  Now scoot back a little.  A little more.  Yeah, right behind that tree, exactly.  Ok, now everyone look high for the camera! *snap*"

PS.  I know you're jealous of my paint skillz.

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