Monday, July 18, 2011

Why I'll never follow through with blogging

Hmmm, this is my 5th post I think... that may be a record for me!

I was thinking about all the many reasons I have never successfully kept up with a blog, and I think I have the number one reason.  You know how social media critics are always talking about short attention spans and people wanting their information quick and in short segments?  Well that's totally me.  I have one completely random thought, crack myself up about it for like 27 seconds, then move onto "Oh, I have to pee."   For example: I'm driving around work today thinking about how I'd like to write a blog post tonight because I haven't in a few nights but I couldn't think of anything to write about.  I tried to think about something funny Violet was doing but then I remember she's scared of everything.  Then I remembered that I used to be scared of the Acid Monster.  Then I thought about how I used to think up some really dumb stuff to be afraid of when I was a kid and how that would make a hilarious blog post.  And so a blog post was born!  But all I could think about at the time was that ONE Acid Monster incident, and it seemed like SUCH a lame thing to write an ENTIRE post about, so I was like naaahhhhh fahgetaboutit.  That whole string of thoughts took exactly 27 seconds.  But then I decided tonight to sit down and read my previous entries and saw the thing about the Pooping Babies and remembered the Acid Monster thought-string from earlier and decided to just start writing and see where it would take me.

So to summarize again, basically it goes, 1. thinking about something to think about, 2. thought or memory triggered by something random, 3. quick giggle about short thought or memory, 4. admit defeat because the giggle was too quick, 5. write about it anyway, 6. become extremely wordy and elaborate waaayyyyy too much, get sidetracked about 40 times, then end up with a really long-winded blogel (blog novel!) that no one is going to read anyway.

I really like to write and story-tell.  I used to be good at it!  I remember all through school I wrote really great fictional stories and my teachers were all like "Kathryn will grow up to be a writer some day!  Excellent!", and my writing was always being read aloud to the class as an example of how to not suck, and this one time in high school I wrote some story about someone being dumber than a cat trying to bury his shit on a tin roof and the whole class was literally peeing their seats over it.  I don't know what happened though.  I still like to write, but I've just become so unintelligent it's sad.  I don't know proper grammar or syntax or any of that crap anymore.  And my vocabulary is just awful.  That's the worst thing - my vocabulary.  I like to be wordy but I just don't know any words!  Hence all the cussing and the word-making-upping.  It's tragic really.

Anyway, I don't even remember where the hell I was going with all this.  Oh!  I lack confidence in developing my brief thoughts into paragraphs.  Obviously it happens though, but it's just tough for me to initiate, and I have a feeling eventually I will stop the initiations AS USUAL and I'll have yet another dead blog.

Bibverbda.  That's the word I just made up for a dead blog.  Hopefully I won't be changing abozubgo to bibverbda anytime soon though!


  1. Kate,
    Your blog is quite entertaining. You must follow through . . . :-)

  2. Thanks! I'm trying! I'm doing much better this time than I have with any of my others.


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